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My name is Omer, I am a Musician, Composer, Arranger and Producer who specializes in creating music for films. I'm also creating music for other media forms such as video games, corporate videos and more. I have long been fascinated by the fields of media, music and cinema. Through the years I have been exposed to different genres, I learned to play and sing, been part of a band, acquired analogical and digital knowledge, but I have mostly been composing.

I am somehow emotionally connected to every musical piece I compose, so that it represents an inseparable part of my life and describes values which I believe in. The world of music, to me, is dynamic and ever-changing, full of various influences that are based on solid, ancient foundations. while watching a movie I enjoy the feeling of individuality in the interpretation of the content and the inevitable connection between image and sound. I appreciate meticulous musical work and strive to always look at each and every detail of the different aspects in what I see.

I began playing the piano and read notes from a very young age. My teacher was surprised by the amount of feeling I had put into playing, especially my innovation and imagination. The piano was, and still remains, a vital tool for arrangement and composing.

I have also taken private lessons in bass guitar and voice training during high school.

When I graduated from high school I applied for higher learning. First I studied sound and musical production in "BPM" college (BSP360). Afterwards, I studied composition for film and television in "Rimon" school. As part of my studies, I received positive feedback on my work from teachers, which allowed me to get inspired to be a part of this field.


I would love to take part in your project. In my work process I can offer you professionalism, attention, patience and caring for your work. 

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